Sausage Dirty Rice

This was fantastic! Great flavor..and nice easy weeknight dinner too. Both loved it! ~ Heather

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1 h 5 m

In a medium size pot, heat your oil. Add your sausage and cook it thouroughly. Add the onions and garlic as well as the cajun seasoning. Combine all the ingredients than add the bell pepper, celery, and green onions. Continue to combine. Add the rice and combine all the ingredients together. Make sure to stir in the rice so every grain can be infuse with the seasoning. Add in the bay leaves and cayenne pepper.


Step 1


Lastly add in the water and stir all ingredients. Cover and let it cook on medium-low. Uncover and stir the rice well and cover again. Remove from heat, fluff the rice and make sure it is all cooked through and let sit before serving.


Step 2




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