Haitian Fried Plantains

Mmm these sure do look yummy – you’re tempting me to get an air fryer! - Stephanie

Recipe Snapshot




22 mins

In a medium bowl, add the water and salt. Stir and set aside. Cut the heads of the plantains.  Once the skin is peeled, cut the plantains diagonally into the desired size. Allow the plantains to sit in the water for a couple of minutes.


Step 1


Fry. Shaking to cook evenly and adding additional oil, if needed. Once the plantains are fried/cooked (fork through), use a plantain wood press to flatten the plantains. Then dip the plantains in the water.


Step 2


After pressing the plantains, if you choose to dip them in the water again, spray them again with olive oil, be sure to shake well to properly coat. If you did not dip them in the water again, add the pressed plantains back into the air fryer, and cook. Serve as a side and enjoy!


Step 3


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