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Cran-Mango Mimosa

Cran-Mango Mimosa

This is a very short post, I promise! Friends, Tis’ the season to cheers with this tasty cocktail. Whatever the gathering; breakfast, brunch/lunch, or dinner – You choose! It is approximately two weeks before Christmas. All you need are 2 main ingredients to make this Cran-Mango Mimosa!

Cran Mango Mimosa
Cran-Mango Mimosa

To make this Mimosa all you need is Ocean Spray Cran-Mango cocktail juice and dry champagne. I used the Great Western American Champagne Extra Dry.

Cran – Mango Mimosa

I am usually a champagne and orange juice mimosa kind of girl, but why keep it the same when you can mix it up?

Cran – Mango Mimosa with cranberries and Champagne bottle.

See…pretty easy and quick. Told you this post was short 🙂

Enjoy this mimosa with the Individual Cheesecake Bites.

Individual Cheesecake Bite


Take responsibility for your happiness. One of the most important lessons in life to learn is that you cannot count on someone else to make you happy. 

Cran – Mango Mimosa

Cran-Mango Mimosa

Champagne Flutes filled with Cran-Mango Mimosa.
Course Drinks/Cocktails
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 people


  • 1 ½ cup Ocean Spray Cran Mango Juice
  • 1 ½ cup Cup Extra Dry Champagne used the Great Western American Champagne Extra Dry


  1. Pour the two ingredients into one pitcher, chill for several hours. When ready to serve, use the flute of your choice to pour the mixed beverage. Garn with Cranberries. Enjoy!  

Recipe Notes

Best chilled for several hours before serving.

Oh…Sweet Monsoon!

Oh…Sweet Monsoon!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review, but all content and opinions are my own. 

Hi friends! I hope you are you ready to begin a new a week. Christmas is around the corner and of course, the New Year is not too far behind. I’ve had the awesome opportunity during the month of November, shortly before Thanksgiving, to make some new friends at The Chai Box. I’ve received the SWEETEST tea box from them. Oh…Sweet Monsoon! And am I excited to share this review with you!

The Chai Box
Sweet Monsoon – The Chai Box

The Chai Box is operated by two lovely sisters that have a passion for Chai. These ladies grew up in an Indian household and started drinking Chai at the age of two. As early as 12-year-old, they started learning how to blend teas, unlike most of us who were preoccupied with doing our nails and keeping up with the newest trend; they were learning to develop the love for Chai, which is now a part of who they are as women today.

The Chai Box - Sweet Monsoon
Sweet Monsoon Tea

These sisters, through their travels, picked up various skills that helped them perform many soothing blends with various spices to perfection.

Every year after Thanksgiving, hubby usually host a Post-Thanksgiving brunch with some close family and friends. Of course, I could not wait to share The Chai Box with my Chai and Tea lovers.

Chai Tea
The Chai Box

I received the Sweet Monsoon. Presentation is essential when receiving a package. Furthermore, the tea was neatly wrapped with the company’s name/logo.

 Most of all, the sisters impressed me with a short-handwritten message. I brewed the tea, and without saying a word to some of my tea lovers, here are their reactions.

“The aroma is subtle”

“The number one ingredient I noticed is clove”

“I mostly taste cinnamon”

“The first ingredient I taste is coconut”

“The tea is soothing”

“I would purchase this tea”

“I would include this tea in my collection”

“A good tea to have on a Sunday during a rainy day while reading a good book”

The Chai Box
Sweet Monsoon with Creamer and anise

My Personal Opinion:

All of the comments mentioned above were true of the Sweet Monsoon tea. My first initial thought of the tea was that the clove was very vivid. The first ingredient I tasted was the clove. While some of us mix the tea with milk and creamers. The tea was just as satisfying.  However the tea is mixed, the flavor does not disappoint. On their website, the sisters list various tea options with different spices, which include robust and fragrant flavors.

Because we are currently in gift-giving season, currently The Chai Box website list 4 different gift options for the Chai lovers in your life.

Sweet Monsoon with milk

Gift Options – includes blend & stainless-steel steeper:

All Chai’d Up Gift Set

Sweet Monsoon Gift Set

Punjaban Party Gift Set

True Blend Gift Set

True Blend Gift Sent – Picture from The Chai Box website

Check them out! You will not be sorry. The tea lives up to the expectation.

The Sweet Monsoon tea is also great with these Individual Cheesecake Bites.

Individual Cheesecake Bites


The Chai Box
Sweet Monsoon


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