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    Cran-Mango Mimosa

    Cran-Mango Mimosa This is a very short post, I promise! Friends, Tis’ the season to cheers with this tasty cocktail. Whatever the gathering; breakfast, brunch/lunch, or dinner – You choose! It is approximately two weeks before Christmas. All you need are 2 main ingredients to make this Cran-Mango Mimosa! To make this Mimosa all you need is Ocean Spray Cran-Mango cocktail juice and dry champagne. I used the Great Western American Champagne Extra Dry. I am usually a champagne and orange juice mimosa kind of girl, but why keep it the same when you can mix it up? See…pretty easy and quick. Told you this post was short 🙂 Enjoy…

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    Oh…Sweet Monsoon!

    Oh…Sweet Monsoon! I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review, but all content and opinions are my own.  Hi friends! I hope you are you ready to begin a new a week. Christmas is around the corner and of course, the New Year is not too far behind. I’ve had the awesome opportunity during the month of November, shortly before Thanksgiving, to make some new friends at The Chai Box. I’ve received the SWEETEST tea box from them. Oh…Sweet Monsoon! And am I excited to share this review with you! The Chai Box is operated by two lovely sisters that have a passion for Chai. These ladies…